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Episode 55

Lots of fun stuff this week, but the 2 big winners for me were Sword of Sorcery and Ghost.

When I was a kid, I used to be able to go up to the Git-N-Go by my Gramma’s house and get Amethyst comics.  I loved these and then they were just gone, and I forgot about them.  Then a couple of years ago, a lady came in and sold in her whole collection. She didn’t have all of them, but she had most of them and now I have them. I was amazed at how Girl Power these were even after all these years.  So I was super excited to see that they were bringing her back, even if just for a bit.  I really liked this issue. It was darker than I was expecting, but still really cool.  I can’t wait to read more.  Oh! And that’s not even mentioning the Beowulf stuff which I also thought was super cool.  I have never read that character before, so I am really interested to see where it goes.

Next we have Ghost from Dark Horse.  This is also billed as a reboot, and I have not read the old stuff. That said, I really liked this.  It’s a cool supernatural/scifi story with interesting characters.  I love the art, and I especially love the way the title character is mostly silent, so her actions are very eloquently drawn.  As she discovers she is solid, she reaches out and touches a book, and you can see her puzzlement in the crinkling of her brow.  Very subtle, but really effective.  I just wish I had more of these in the store to hand-sell.

Otherwise we had lots of good stuff and one disappointment.  I really liked the Justice League #0 because it was all Shazam and he is almost my whole reason for reading Justice League right now.  Revival is continuing to be excellent with #3, and Batwoman #0 was good if sort of far-fetched.  My disappointment was with The Womanthology Space #1.  While it was mostly pretty ok, I was really sad that not a single story in it passes the Bechdel Test. I mean, a whole collection of short stories by all women creators and not even one?  Weird.  Weird and sad.

This coming week should be a lot of fun. Lots of new #0s and a new National Comics One-Shot that looks kind of cool.  Yay!

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Episode 54

Today is brought to you by massive doses of Advil and Phenylprine.  Whee!  There was some sort of hitch in my process this morning, so sorry about the delay.  This was recorded fresh this morning, before I got sicker and started to look and sound like Death.  And not the Sandman kind of death either.

I read a lot of fun stuff this week, but the big winners were Punk Rock Jesus and Comedian.  Not a surprise for the first one, but I am really sort of shocked at how much I am liking a book about such a despicable man.

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Episode 53

Live from Northtown Mall!  As of this week, I am working 3 days a week, and all at one store.  It is very exciting. Now when people ask questions, I might actually know the answers again!  Yay!


Bar Comics on Wednesday night was a lot of fun, but I think I will have to switch to Tuesdays.  The parking at my favorite bar is terrible on Wednesday nights thanks to the theater that it’s attached to doing $1 ticket night.  Eep.  Don’t mind me, I’ll just park all the way over on the next street….in the dark…

Anyway, this week my favorite book was Punk Rock Jesus.  I am actually sad that it took me this long to get to it, but it kept selling out!  So finally I get to read it and it is everything it promised and more.  The depth of the storytelling actually surprised me, even after the sample that they were putting in books ahead of time.

My next favorite thing was the #0 of Worlds Finest.  I have been reading World’s Finest and liking it, but usually not loving it.  I loooooved this issue.  I sat in the bar and cried a little when I read it.  I loved. it.  If the series could be more like this, I could sell it to people like crazy.

Fairest has me feeling all conflicted.  On one hand, this new issue is a beautifully sad story, told in a great way.  I really felt it, right in the gut.  So much that in the podcast, I totally spoil the ending.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.  The conflict that I have is the same one that I always have with this book.  It’s told from the male perspective.  These are stories about the women of the Fable-verse, but they are told through the nearest dude.  I really feel that this story could have been even more effective if told from the leading lady’s perspective, but it feels like we the readers can’t be trusted to empathize with her, so we are given a rock-jawed dude to feel things.  It’s too bad, really.

In general, I read a lot of really fun stuff.  Most of the #0s from DC were solid books, and I really enjoyed the second issue of Harvest from Image. This week should be a fun week as well, with the Batman #0 and a new issue of The Massive coming out. I can’t wait.


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Ok, I really have to take a break in my reading to recommend Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy.  It is gorgeous and dark and very modern.  Like if The Truman Show was being made at the end of civilization.  So awesome.


Episode 34

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Holy crap! I recorded a new episode.  It’s possible that hell hath at least gotten the chills.  Thanks to my local listeners who have come in and said hi to make sure I was still alive.  I have some personal stuff going on that has taken up a lot of time and energy.  I can’t guarantee any reliable schedule for a while, but at least I am here today.

Victorian Undead Vol 01, Written by Ian Edginton,   Art by Davide Fabbri

Are you reading The Walking Dead?  How about watching the excellent AMC show?  Do you love zombies and want more, but are tired of the incessant hopelessness?  Allow me to present to you one of my new favorites.  It has awesome zombie hacking action, combined with the cleverness of Sherlock Holmes (and his even more clever brother Mycroft) and some random Steampunkery to round out the mix.

This book makes me very happy, from the cool origin of the zombie plague, to the secret government plot to contain it.  The art is beautiful and perfectly gory, with some very eloquent panel layout.  Fabbri has done a lot of Star Wars, but for all his Sci Fi portfolio, his Victorian stuff is awesome.  I am very much looking forward to the next volume.  It has Dracula in it!  Hooray!

Also in my ramblings, I briefly mention the wonderful steampunk zombie book Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.  Now you have homework.

Last, For this week anyway, I want to remind everyone to read Fables.  If you have not been reading fables, then you need to start.  If you got bored with the crossover, then you need to start back up. 

Fables Vol 14 Witches, Written by Bill Willingham, Art by Mark Buckingham and several other talented people

This story mostly picks up where volume 12 left off, with the new villain, Mr Dark inhabiting the ruins of Fabletown.  The Fables are trying to re-consolidate their power, and when Frau Totenkinder goes on a mysterious mission, the witch Ozma of Oz is left to command the magic users of Fabletown.

I really enjoyed this book.  It felt to me like a return to the depth of the series before the crossover.  I did like The Great Fables Crossover, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely felt more like a Jack book.  This book felt like it had deeper roots.

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