Episode 26

Man, am I ready for Retail Christmas to be over.  I’m cool with real Christmas (or as my friend Janelle calls it: “Crimmas”).  The one with family, a tree, relaxation, and budget permitting, presents.  Retail Christmas is the other one.  The tiring, stressful, everyone being angry and cranky at me one.  But, I have to say,  Retail Christmas at The Comic Book Shop is almost like a vacation compared to some other places I’ve worked over the holidays.  So I should really quit complaining.

This week, I discuss the next in the Wonder Woman Series, Amazons Attack, Written by Will Pfeifer and Art by Pete Woods.  Argh.  I want this to be good.  It has good elements.  The art is good, but I liked the Dodsons’ work better.  This book is such a confusing mish mash of characters and story, that even though they try really hard to make it possible to follow, I’m just not feeling it.  Between the heavy JLA involvement, the introduction of the Bana, and eventually the big Duhn Duhn Duhn!!! reveal of the Big Bad, I just don’t care.  I should state though, that in my audio review, I refer to the JSA being involved.  I do know the difference between the Justice Society, and the Justice League, and I blame my mis-statement on a combination of Power Girl and cold medicine.  My voice is just too shot for me to go back and fix it.  Blegh.

A couple of quick orders of business,

First, The Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago is doing a survey of comics readers.  Do your bit to represent!

And secondly, I will be traveling this week, so I’m looking for reading recommendations.  What do you want me to read?  If it’s in print and I can get my hands on it before Wed, I’m game.

I will try to post news updates if I can, but I don’t think there will be a new podcast until the new year.  Then it will be 2010, and we will all live in the future and have flying cars.  I can’t wait.

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