Episode 25

Happy Thanksgiving. I have home baked apple pie cooling downstairs, so I’ll make this quick. Then I can go back to being thankful.

SupergirlsFirst, I have been reading the excellent book “The Supergirls” by Mike Madrid. It is a fascinating retrospective on women in comics. I am about half way through it, and I am really enjoying it. If you get a chance you should click over to his page Heaven4Heroes and check out all the cool sculptures of superheroes he has done.

IMG_0212Secondly, I just received my Hero Initiative member packet!  The Hero Initiative is a charitable organization that helps pay medical costs of comics creators in need.  An awful lot of folks out there have worked for a long time on a for-hire basis, and that doesn’t exactly come with a peachy benefits package.  It’s kinda like the CBLDF, but with doctors, not lawyers.  As a new bronze member they sent my my membership card, a Batman Sketch Card by Mike Perkins, and a copy of Marvel Apes #1, with the Hero Initiative Mike Wieringo cover.  Yay!

Wonder_Woman_3_2And finally, we have Wonder Woman Love and Murder Written By Jodi Picoult, Art by an awful lot of people. This was a respectable book that just didn’t ring my chimes.  I  don’t like that the authors attempt to humanize Diana Prince makes her clueless as to how to function in modern society.  I get the whole “fish out of water thing” but she’s been living in the human world for quite some time.  I’m pretty sure she could figure out how to work a turnstile.  On the other hand, I feel that the reduction of villains is a positive move, and I like seeing Hippolyta even if she seems a little too angry.  For the most part though, I put this under the “things to read until we get to Gail Simone” banner.  It does end with a dramatic cliff-hanger, so I’ll be back soon with Amazons Attack

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