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Well everyone, It’s time for SDCC. It would be so awesome if I could be there, interviewing creators and readers, talking comics with some alpha nerds. Eating good sushi. But it is not meant to be. I’ll just have to live vicariously through all the people who’s blogs and websites I follow.

If any of you guys go, drop me a report. Or get Gail Simone to sign something to me or something.

Anyway, The Books!

Madame Xanadu Vol 01 Disenchanted
Written by Matt Wagner, Pencils by Amy Reeder Hadley

This title is Nominated for 4 Eisners this year, and I really think it has a good chance. I loved the story, but for me, this book’s big deal is the art. Amy Reeder Hadley’s previous manga style blends beautifully into a rich more western look. Little things from the attention to detail on Madame Xanadu’s jewelry, to the different emotions seen on the people’s faces in the mob at the beheading of Marie Antionette, give this piece an extra layer of depth. This book is one of my new favorites, and I’m going to be putting it into as many hands as possible. As soon as I get it back in stock.

Dresden Files Storm Front Vol 01
Story by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers
Art by Adian Syaf

I had a lot of fun with this. Having read the novel, I already had a good idea what I thought this story looked like. Jim Butcher writes in a very visually descriptive manner, so seeing it translated to page this way is really cool. I feel like they got the important details of the story in with visual storytelling, avoiding the common pitfall in bad novel adaptations of having tons of text explaining the significance of things. I am looking forward to more of this.

Yokai Doctor Vol 01
by Yuki Sato

This really feels like a ground laying first book. They tell the initial adventure twice, from the different perspectives of the 2 main characters, and it doesn’t feel like it goes very deep. That said, what is here is a fun, light story with pretty artwork. I would be willing to keep reading to see if it gets more involved, but without a little more going on in the story, this is not a must for me.

This will be a weekend of comics news, and I will be watching the blogs like crazy. People are promising big announcements, Warren Ellis is in town, and I am far away. At least I get to work in the garden.

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I have functional equipment, and I have read some really great books.

First up is Bayou by Jeremy Love with colors by Patrick Morgan

This came out a couple of weeks ago, and I totally fell in love with it. Unfortunately, (for me) I sold it before I could finish reading it. This is one I have to have in my personal collection. I just need to get it back in stock so I can buy it. Dark and beautiful, and not really for little kids, this would make a good title for teens and grown-ups. Click the image for Bayou’s Zuda page to read it online.

Next up is Vertigo’s House of Mystery Vol 2

You guys may remember my love for the 1st volume in this series, and my passion continues unabated. This title is so much fun, and so creepy that I read it in one sitting and I can hear it calling to me from the next room for re-reading. I especially love that they are starting to reference Cain and Abel in this new series and the when Abel walks back in to the book, it’s like he has just been hanging out (at the House of Secrets?) and waiting. Sturges and company nail him perfectly, continuing to let this book settle into it’s roots.

I have lots more on my shelf, and right at the top right now are Planetary and Dynamo 5, so expect to hear on those coming up.

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I found the box with all the cables in it, and when I plugged everything in, it worked. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. This week I just have a little burst of a podcast for you, in which I ramble about the Watchmen movie(I know it’s a little late, but what can you do?) and I recommend very highly the book Air from Vertigo


This book is written by G. Willow Wilson and the art is all by M.K. Perker. While I was reading this on a slow morning at the store, I kept thinking to myself, “this is so odd!” but as I continued on, I began to really enjoy the strange journey that this book takes. The art is very clear and accessible, and I really found myself rooting for main character Blythe as she goes on her quest to save her imprisoned love/possible terrorist. This series is also part of Vertigo’s $1 issue experiment, releasing issue #7 for $1 at the same time as the trade. I love this idea, and I was really happy when someone picked up the copy that my store got as an impulse buy. In a sea of $4 comics, a dollar is practically free. Anything that gets people reading makes me happy.

I have a nice deep stack of books that I’m going to try to read this coming week. Right now I am in the middle of Deadpool Classic Vol 01 and my first impression is that it’s really interesting to observe the evolution of a character. I should have more on this title next week.

Oh, and not that it really matters, but my husband sat next to Greg Rucka on the plane last week. I am so jealous I could explode. My husband doesn’t follow DC that much, so he didn’t know that I am super exited about the upcoming run of Detective starring Bat-Woman and with a backup featuring Renee Montoya. They had a nice discussion about the publishing industry, and my husband says that Mr. Rucka was a really nice guy. So there you go.

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Episode 15

I have discovered something deep and meaningful. I think I could have gone my entire life and not known this, had things been just a little bit different. Here is my wisdom distilled for you, in a single, easy sentence:

Buying a bank-owned home sucks with the fury of a thousand black holes.

There. If you can avoid this simple thing, life can be wine and roses everyday. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s not the house. As far as we are able to tell so far, the house is great. It needs a little work, but that’s no surprise. The problem is that the bank that owns it doesn’t seem to want to, you know, sell it.

So wish me luck, and enjoy Episode 15, wherein I go on and on about how much I like Neil Gaiman.

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Episode 14

So I realized that I have been remiss in my duties as the wife of writer/creator. My husband’s 3rd book came out during the Christmas Madness, and I didn’t even mention it. So I would like to direct your attention to PX! Book 2: In the Service of the Queen.

PX Book 02
House of Mystery
New Release

House of Mystery Vol 01 Written by Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham; Art by Luca Rossi, Ross Campbell, Sean Murphy, Zachary Baldus, Steve Rolston and Jill Thompson; Cover by Sam Weber

I really enjoyed this an awful lot. House of Mystery features layered story telling, varied and excellent art and a compelling connective tale. Also, the Bill Willingham story totally gave me nightmares, so hurray for that.

Punisher Circle of Blood


Punisher: Circle of Blood Written by Steven Grant, Pencils by Mike Zeck

I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. I still prefer the Marvel Knights run though.

Young Liars

Young Liars Vol 01 Story and Art by David Lapham

After reading this, I feel reinforced in my belief that David Lapham hates everyone. Otherwise this was fun, if totally insane.

Captive Hearts


Captive Hearts Vol 01 Matsuri Hino

This work, from the creator of Meru Puri and Vampire Knight is just as cute, angsty and well executed as you would expect. I really liked it, and I look forward to the second book once I get it back in stock.

Thanks again, and if you have requests, suggestions or comments, just let me know.

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