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Welcome to my little corner of the nerdosphere. I am proud to present to the first episode in a continuing series on comics. My name is Angela, and I have the incredibly cool job of comic book shop manager. That means that I get to read stuff that would not otherwise cross my path. It has also lead to a lot of social observation (nerdspotting) and odd interactions. At least once a month some guy tells me, with shock and a little disgust “Girls don’t read comics!” and “How can you work here? Do you even read this stuff!?”

Yes. Yes, I do. And some of it is really good.

So this week we are covering 4 titles that I can all highly recommend:

Coraline Cover
New Release:

Coraline by Neil Gaiman, Adapted and Illustrated by P. Craig Russell
An excellent, creepy book for young and old alike.

Fables Cover


Fables Vol 01 , Writer Bill Willingham, Pencils Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton
One of the best titles in circulation today.

Astonishing X-Men Cover

Astonishing X-men Vol 01 Writer Joss Whedon, Pencils John Cassaday
Joss Whedon really knows how to write complex female characters. I love his Kitty Pride.

BattleAngel Cover


Battle Angel Alita Vol 01 Yukito Kishiro
I’m such a dork, I named my cat after this one.

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