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Some brisk and gorgeous Sci Fi for you this time


East Of West


This one is a definite and unequivocal keeper for me.  Dark future? Yes.  Magical Child? Yes.  The Horseman of Death as a sexy cowboy? Double Yes.

Jonathan Hickman is known for his Marvel work, especially his Fantastic Four.  He also wrote the awesomely weird Manhattan Projects.  The team on this (Co-creator and Pencils: Nick Dragotta and Colors by Frank Martin) has done stellar work creating a rich and deep world populated by beautiful and deadly villains. When the closest we have to a “Good Guy” is Death, you know you are in for a story.

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Episode 53

Live from Northtown Mall!  As of this week, I am working 3 days a week, and all at one store.  It is very exciting. Now when people ask questions, I might actually know the answers again!  Yay!


Bar Comics on Wednesday night was a lot of fun, but I think I will have to switch to Tuesdays.  The parking at my favorite bar is terrible on Wednesday nights thanks to the theater that it’s attached to doing $1 ticket night.  Eep.  Don’t mind me, I’ll just park all the way over on the next street….in the dark…

Anyway, this week my favorite book was Punk Rock Jesus.  I am actually sad that it took me this long to get to it, but it kept selling out!  So finally I get to read it and it is everything it promised and more.  The depth of the storytelling actually surprised me, even after the sample that they were putting in books ahead of time.

My next favorite thing was the #0 of Worlds Finest.  I have been reading World’s Finest and liking it, but usually not loving it.  I loooooved this issue.  I sat in the bar and cried a little when I read it.  I loved. it.  If the series could be more like this, I could sell it to people like crazy.

Fairest has me feeling all conflicted.  On one hand, this new issue is a beautifully sad story, told in a great way.  I really felt it, right in the gut.  So much that in the podcast, I totally spoil the ending.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.  The conflict that I have is the same one that I always have with this book.  It’s told from the male perspective.  These are stories about the women of the Fable-verse, but they are told through the nearest dude.  I really feel that this story could have been even more effective if told from the leading lady’s perspective, but it feels like we the readers can’t be trusted to empathize with her, so we are given a rock-jawed dude to feel things.  It’s too bad, really.

In general, I read a lot of really fun stuff.  Most of the #0s from DC were solid books, and I really enjoyed the second issue of Harvest from Image. This week should be a fun week as well, with the Batman #0 and a new issue of The Massive coming out. I can’t wait.


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Episode 50

Episode 50! Welcome new listeners and thank you to my regulars!

20120821-234513.jpgRorschach #1 Story by Brian Azzarello, Art by Lee Bermejo.
Man. I was not really expecting to like this one. Rorschach is a fan-favorite character and this was a hotly anticipated title, but I was really worried that I wouldn’t like it and I would find myself in the minority. I am relieved to say that I thought this was pretty cool. The art and story worked very well together to create this dysfunctional noir setting for the lead character, and it teases at a CSI style serial killer storyline that I really want to read.

20120823-214103.jpgSaga #6 Story by Brian K Vaughan, art by Fiona Staples.

In the final issue in the first arc of what might be the best series this year we get a fantastic space ship and a fun cliffhanger. I have enjoyed every installment of this series, but this might be my favorite. Now I just have to wait till November for it to pick back up.

20120823-215606.jpgRevival #2 Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

While I think the first issue was a little more powerful, this one is still going strong. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.






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Episode 37

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Oh my goodness! I actually had time to do some reading this week. I was so excited to read the final volume of Madame Xanadu, and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. This was more of a short story anthology than anything else, but the stories were very strong. Chrissie Zullo’s issue was my definite favorite. I loved her art on the Cinderella covers, and I am so happy to see how well she transitions to sequential work. Yay!

I also read some Invincible, but on the podcast I call it “Incredibles” for awhile. I am happy to say that I am still enjoying Invincible quite a bit. That said, Boom’s Incredibles comics are also really good. You should read those too.

Finally I got to some Flashpoint. I found the finale to the Wonder Woman series to be sort of a waste of story telling. It was almost entirely recap and wrap-up without a whole lot of development. I still liked it more than the Secret Seven series though. The only redeeming thing in that for me was the presence of Princess Amethyst of Gemworld. I loved those comics as a kid, and it was cool to see her again, even if it was some weird alternate universe. The winner this week for me was Deadman and the Flying Graysons. I really enjoyed the story, seeing Dick as a young man who grew up in the Circus with the love and support of his parents. I also really liked the artwork. It was rich and solid. It was actually almost comforting in spite of the death and destruction going on.

Also, just look at that cover there. Does Deadman look like Batboy or what?!

So next week I will be in Minnesota visiting family. There will definitely not be a podcast in time. Panic not! I will be back the following week with news of fried food on sticks (Minnesota State Fair), and people wearing bad doublets (Minnesota Renaissance Festival)

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Episode 27

Wow! I am having so much fun reading lately.  This episode, I have a couple of favorites from my pull list, and the next installment in the Wonder Woman series.  Firstly, her star-spangled self.

Wonder Woman – The Circle

I am so happy to be getting into the Gail Simone run of Wonder Woman.  After some frankly mediocre storytelling, we finally get some 3 dimensional characters with honest feeling human motivations.  The ladies of the Circle are flawed and frightened, but willing to fight to defend what they cherish.  The story continues on with some of the plot points from the prior stuff, but is much more satisfying.   The art is still exceptional and gorgeous with more work from the Dodsons’ as well as some very good stuff from Bernard Chang in the Green Lantern story in the back of the book.  I do feel like it could be confusing to try to pick up the Wonder Woman title with this book, and I am glad that I deferred to Andy’s suggestion to start with Who Is Wonder Woman. But this really is the good stuff.

Chew Vol 01

Next, I am so glad that Chew is finally out collected so that I can tell you to go and read it.  This is one of the weirdest books that I get, but I love it so much.  It has sold out every single issue so far, and for good reason.  Chew is the story of Tony Chu and his very special talent.  Tony is a cibopath.  That means he is a psychic who gets impressions from the things he eats.  Fruits, vegetables, meat.  People.  You know.  The story takes place in a sort of darkish future where chicken is outlawed, and only outlaws eat chicken.  Like I said – weird, but one of my very favorite things on my pull list.  Rob Guillory does the art, and as fun as the story is, I don’t think it would be half as successfull under a different artist.  Rob and writer John Layman should stick together, they make a great team.

The Unwritten Vol 01

Lastly, I have The Unwritten. This title, like Chew, I am subscribed to in single issues.  When I saw the first issue in Previews months ago, I knew that there was no way I was not going to sign up for it.  Written by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross? Automatic addition to the pull list right there.  Combine that with a story about the power of stories and it goes right to the top of my stack every month when I take it home.  My only complaint about this series is the covers.  I actually like them as art, but as something to sell a non-reader on the series, they are disappointing.  If I were just scoping out the wall looking for something cool, I would almost certainly pass these by.  That would be a crying shame because this is one of my favorite titles since the Books of Magic series (also with art by Peter Gross).  This feels like the Vertigo stuff that got me to read comics in the first place.  Yay!

This was a fun podcast to do from a gear aspect as well.  I have a new microphone, and I really like the warmth I am getting out of it. Now I just need to work on my guitar playing and I can start writing angsty folk songs about the tragedy of secret identities, and how no one understands how alone super heroes are.  Or maybe I’ll leave the nerd music to talented people like Kirby Krackle.

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