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Episode 28

So everything that I read has been coming out in trades lately, and I have been reading like mad.  Unfortunately I have been snowed under with random, time consuming stuff, so all the awesome comics I have been reading have been accumulating in a large, sad pile.  On top of that, Brian Cronin over at Comic Book Resources has been doing his “Year of Cool Comics” Series, and it keeps making me throw stuff on the pile.  So he’s to blame for this one.

Wonder Woman’s face bugs me

JLA Earth 2 Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

This is the story of 2 earths.  One we know very well.  The JLA are Earth’s protectors, and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman heroic ideals. On the other Earth, the anti-matter Earth, the citizens live in fear of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika and their horrible destructive whims, and Lex Luthor is a benevolent genius who only wants to help his people.

I really had a good time reading this.  It’s eccentric in that special Grant Morrison way, and his insanity works really well here.  I love they way the Crime Syndicate characters are shown to be the opposites of their good guy counter-parts.  Superwoman in the broom closet with Jimmy Olsen while the wimpy Lt Kent listens outside just cracked me up.  Especially Lt Kent’s little mustache.

I have a huge back log of books to get through, so I’m going to try to crack out a bunch of these quick little 5 minute things, one book at time.  In the meantime, I need to get downstairs for the new episode of Lost.

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Wow. This marks my 10th podcast. I can’t help but think that’s kind of cool.

So we got some wacky things in at the store this week. One was a nerf football designed to look all Incredibly Hulk-y. So it’s a squishy green ball covered in veins. I cut open the box, and there were a pair of them sitting there, looking all testicular at me. I had to show them to every regular that came in. Most of them agreed with my assessment. Then the next day, my boss dropped of a box marked “Darth Slipper” I swear to all that is nerdy, slippers with Darth Vader heads on them. I love my job.

On to the comics!

Blue Beetle 04
New Release

Blue Beetle Vol 04 Endgame Written by John Rogers, Justin Peniston and Jai Nitz; Art by Rafael Albuquerque, Andy Kuhn, Mike Norton and Trevor Scott Cover by Albuquerque

This one was a listener recommendation, and I am so grateful. I loved this book, I love the character, and I had a great time getting to use my very rusty Spanish. Que Fantastico!

Ultimates 1


Ultimates 1 Superhuman Writer: Mark Millar, Pencils & Inks, Bryan Hitch

I liked this book a lot, but I hated a lot of the characters. I really liked Thor, and Iron Man didn’t bother me, but Betty Ross and the Pyms just gave me angina. I’m going to keep reading though, because I do really like the story.


We3 Written by Grant Morrison; Art and cover by Frank Quitely

This is listener recommendation number 2 this week. I command all of you to buy this book. If you have $13 and you do not own this book, then you have no excuse. This 3 issue short story is one of the best things I have ever read. Ever ever.

Afro Samurai

Seven Seas

Afro Samurai Vol 01, Takashi Okazaki

Ok. This book has ridiculously gorgeous art. It is highly stylized, and the use of small splashes of red with the black & white is so elegant. But the story didn’t do much for me. If you are a fan of the classic revenge story, then you will love this book. Next week, I think I will read a romance.

Thanks again, and if you have requests, suggestions or comments, just let me know.

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