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Episode 50

Episode 50! Welcome new listeners and thank you to my regulars!

20120821-234513.jpgRorschach #1 Story by Brian Azzarello, Art by Lee Bermejo.
Man. I was not really expecting to like this one. Rorschach is a fan-favorite character and this was a hotly anticipated title, but I was really worried that I wouldn’t like it and I would find myself in the minority. I am relieved to say that I thought this was pretty cool. The art and story worked very well together to create this dysfunctional noir setting for the lead character, and it teases at a CSI style serial killer storyline that I really want to read.

20120823-214103.jpgSaga #6 Story by Brian K Vaughan, art by Fiona Staples.

In the final issue in the first arc of what might be the best series this year we get a fantastic space ship and a fun cliffhanger. I have enjoyed every installment of this series, but this might be my favorite. Now I just have to wait till November for it to pick back up.

20120823-215606.jpgRevival #2 Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

While I think the first issue was a little more powerful, this one is still going strong. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.






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Episode 24

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Candy, Costumes… Comics! Did I mention that Valley Manager Patrick has a Webcomic? And that he did a company portrait in the most recent one? I am so excited. I think this is the first time I have been Comicked. And though I had not really considered Ricki Barnes as a costume, it looks so cool that I might have to do that next year.

So it seems like every where I look in the last couple of weeks, I see Wonder Woman. No, not ladies in Halloween costumes, but comics, merchandise, new tpb collections, and my new personal favorite, Wonder Of Wonders, the column at Comic Books Resources edited by Gail Simone. There are 12 so far, and as I work my way backwards through them, I am absolutely loving them. I grew up idolizing Wonder Woman. I would put tinfoil on my wrists, and spin around until I got dizzy, trying to get my clothes to magically turn into her bustier and boots. (never worked. not once.)

Wonder Woman Vol 01 Who Is Wonder Woman Written By Allan Heinburg, Art by Terry and Rachel DodsonWonder_Woman_3_1
This week, I look at the first collection in the new reboot, Who Is Wonder Woman. This collection tells the story of Wonder Woman, post 52, as she tries to make sense of her place in the world after killing Max Lord in front of the whole world. She gets gets a new job and new secret identity, and she has some huge battles. Allen Heinburg brings his empathy and understanding of female characters to this book, writing well-rounded interesting women. I enjoy this book as a beginning, but I feel that they use too many villains at once, sort of diluting her and making her rogues gallery look sort of wimpy. I do like the bones of the story though, and I absolutely love the art. The Dodsons draw some beautiful, powerful women, and for all the eye candy, it doesn’t feel exploitative. It’s just good.
runaways_01Runaways Vol 01 Pride & Joy Written By Brian K Vaughn Art By Adrian Alphona
Speaking of good, let’s talk Runaways. I have a couple of series in my store that I can confidently hand to just about anyone. Fables, Walking Dead, Preacher. Solid stories with solid artwork. Great characters, compelling stories. Good Comics. Runaways falls very neatly into that category. I can send one person home with it, and a handful of their friends will come in to pick it up after borrowing the first one. I will say that I am annoyed that you can get the first collection in at least 4 different editions: digest, trade paperback, premier hardcover, and deluxe hardcover. For my new readers, that can be kind of a minefield. At the same time, being able to buy them collected in their original size is nice. I have the digests, but I covet the deluxe hardcovers.
Will you look at the time! It’s getting late and Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals is calling me. I can hear it from here, footnotes and all.

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Wow, episode 20. I feel like I should bake a cake or something. I am working on some site stuff, so if you come back soon and things are broken, don’t worry. It will be better soon.

This week, I mostly talk about Brian K Vaughan’s Ex Machina.

I found this to be really cool. Sort of in a long haul way. I had been reading Secret Wars, and not really getting into it, so I picked this up and time just passed. It didn’t blow my mind, or change my worldview, but it is, so far anyway, a cool story with solid, expressive artwork. The characters are all people I want to know more about, and the way they are drawn gives them a unique life. At the back of the book Tony Harris does a little “how to” and shows the basics of the process. I thought the filmic way he does his mock-ups was really cool. At the end of the first volume, I wanted more. I actually picked up the Deluxe Hardcover, so take that as a sign that I am ready to invest. The second Deluxe Hardcover is due out this winter, so expect a revisit when I have more of this series under my belt.

Like I said, I’m working on Secret Wars. This is a heck of a book (not really in a good way.) It is so weird and blatantly a commercial for toys that it’s kind of hard to just read. I will keep trying to work my way through it though, if only to read about Spider-man’s Alien Suit origin. Man though. I find that I just want to read something more interesting. If I can actually get through it, and have a different opinion on completing it, I’ll let you know.

Lastly, I went and saw GI Joe. I am almost afraid to say that I had a good time. It wasn’t the best thing ever, but it was fun. I am so spiffed that Heavy Duty was so important. I love that actor, and I was excited when I saw him on the cast list. I also really want to be Scarlet when I grow up. Or at least I want a crossbow. That thing was awesome, if totally cheeseball. So yeah, I guess you could say I liked it. So far, most of my customers have not. A couple of guys are actively mad that this movie ruined their child hood, or at least their favorite character. What do you guys think? Love or hate?

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