GDRC-Project Catch Up Ep 4

Sorry for the long absence again. First was a sea of technical nonsense. Then as soon as everything was working together nicely, Fallout 4 came out. I’m sure you understand.

This episode was a bittersweet farewell.



I was a subscriber on Detective when this character got her start.  I fell immediately in love.  You can find my original review of that run here.  As time has gone on this title has been through a number changes, both in story style and in production team.  I liked a lot of it, but by the time it was all done, I was sort of relieved.  Maybe in a few years she’ll get a gritty reboot and I can give her another shot, but for now, I am happy to have this title cleared from my pile.

Happy Holidays folks.  May Santa fill your stocking with nerdy nonsense.