GDRC-Project Catch Up Ep 3

This episode I get to read one of my current favorites.



Story: Jay Faerber

Art: Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley



 I am so excited that I finally got to sit down and catch up on this one. The basic premise of “Lady Sherrif of Wild Space Outpost” sold me instantly.  

For me this scratches my Firefly itch very nicely.  Space western with awesome female character, tropey bad guys and some great chase scenes?  Yessss. 

Sherrif Bronson is written as a tough lady with a lot of heart and a mysterious past. She and her son come to Copperhead to replace the old Sherrif in a mining town full of crime and corruption. The story here flows nicely as she has to deal with being the new law-woman in a small, distrustful community. Oh, and her deputy is an overgrown capybara who feels slighted for being passed over for the job. 

I love the art here.  The color palette is perfectly chosen for the desolate wastes of a backwater colony.  I also love how much relatable facial expression they are able to render on the different alien characters. The blobby, one-eyed, green hill-billies are personal favorites from a character design standpoint. They are very alien, and very relatable. 

So all in all, I would certainly recommend this title for fans of sci-fi, but it’s really just a fun book all around. This definitely survives the cull.  I am excited to keep reading.