Episode 58

What a busy couple of weeks!  We moved the store, or at least did all the heavy lifting.  Things are still settling into place and it’s nowhere near where we want it.  I find that I am super frustrated by my restricted availability.  I would love to stay late and pull extra shifts to get the work done, but the rest of my life just does not allow for it.  Manager Carly and Assistant Manager Gabe are kicking butt and doing great work. We’ll get it whipped into shape in no time.

Also, the nerdosphere is having another meltdown over the way pretty (or “con hot” as Tony Harris put it) girls are showing the temerity to dress up in costumes and invade the sovereign space of the Real Nerd.  I swear we just went through this!  I tried not to get all mad on the podcast, but I kind of do anyway.  The short version is this:

This thing that we have.  This “nerd space”.  This is not a private club.  No one gets to say who can join and who isn’t nerdy enough.  Grow up.

The long version is much more ranty, but that distills it pretty well I think.

Other than that it was a big comic catch up week.  I read a ton of mostly DC stuff.  There were some winners and some indifferent things.  Nothing was really bad, but there was a lot of “meh” for me this week.  Lot 13 was my big winner though.  I really enjoyed the creepiness of it and I felt that it was a good ground laying first issue.

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