Martin Monsterman!

So I don’t know how I have managed to not plug this yet, but check out what my friend Manny is up to!

Manny Trembley, AKA Art Monkey, co-creator/illustrator of PX! and Sam Noir Samurai Detective is Kickstarting a new kids’ project called Martin Monsterman.  It tells the story of guy who gets turned into a different monster every day.  If you go over to his Kickstarter page, he has a couple of sample pages up.  I think little boys reading this will think the werewolf bit is awesome.

He was also featured at Comic Book Resources on their Kickstand Column. He has a quote there that I just love, both as a parent and as a retailer: “A lot of products masquerading as kids books carry a cynicism and perspective that caters to adults. I feel that there is not enough content that celebrates dreaming and the belief people are made for adventure and fun!”

So go support an awesome guy and his cool ideas.  We need more stuff like this out there.



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