Episode 55

Lots of fun stuff this week, but the 2 big winners for me were Sword of Sorcery and Ghost.

When I was a kid, I used to be able to go up to the Git-N-Go by my Gramma’s house and get Amethyst comics.  I loved these and then they were just gone, and I forgot about them.  Then a couple of years ago, a lady came in and sold in her whole collection. She didn’t have all of them, but she had most of them and now I have them. I was amazed at how Girl Power these were even after all these years.  So I was super excited to see that they were bringing her back, even if just for a bit.  I really liked this issue. It was darker than I was expecting, but still really cool.  I can’t wait to read more.  Oh! And that’s not even mentioning the Beowulf stuff which I also thought was super cool.  I have never read that character before, so I am really interested to see where it goes.

Next we have Ghost from Dark Horse.  This is also billed as a reboot, and I have not read the old stuff. That said, I really liked this.  It’s a cool supernatural/scifi story with interesting characters.  I love the art, and I especially love the way the title character is mostly silent, so her actions are very eloquently drawn.  As she discovers she is solid, she reaches out and touches a book, and you can see her puzzlement in the crinkling of her brow.  Very subtle, but really effective.  I just wish I had more of these in the store to hand-sell.

Otherwise we had lots of good stuff and one disappointment.  I really liked the Justice League #0 because it was all Shazam and he is almost my whole reason for reading Justice League right now.  Revival is continuing to be excellent with #3, and Batwoman #0 was good if sort of far-fetched.  My disappointment was with The Womanthology Space #1.  While it was mostly pretty ok, I was really sad that not a single story in it passes the Bechdel Test. I mean, a whole collection of short stories by all women creators and not even one?  Weird.  Weird and sad.

This coming week should be a lot of fun. Lots of new #0s and a new National Comics One-Shot that looks kind of cool.  Yay!

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