Episode 53

Live from Northtown Mall!  As of this week, I am working 3 days a week, and all at one store.  It is very exciting. Now when people ask questions, I might actually know the answers again!  Yay!


Bar Comics on Wednesday night was a lot of fun, but I think I will have to switch to Tuesdays.  The parking at my favorite bar is terrible on Wednesday nights thanks to the theater that it’s attached to doing $1 ticket night.  Eep.  Don’t mind me, I’ll just park all the way over on the next street….in the dark…

Anyway, this week my favorite book was Punk Rock Jesus.  I am actually sad that it took me this long to get to it, but it kept selling out!  So finally I get to read it and it is everything it promised and more.  The depth of the storytelling actually surprised me, even after the sample that they were putting in books ahead of time.

My next favorite thing was the #0 of Worlds Finest.  I have been reading World’s Finest and liking it, but usually not loving it.  I loooooved this issue.  I sat in the bar and cried a little when I read it.  I loved. it.  If the series could be more like this, I could sell it to people like crazy.

Fairest has me feeling all conflicted.  On one hand, this new issue is a beautifully sad story, told in a great way.  I really felt it, right in the gut.  So much that in the podcast, I totally spoil the ending.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.  The conflict that I have is the same one that I always have with this book.  It’s told from the male perspective.  These are stories about the women of the Fable-verse, but they are told through the nearest dude.  I really feel that this story could have been even more effective if told from the leading lady’s perspective, but it feels like we the readers can’t be trusted to empathize with her, so we are given a rock-jawed dude to feel things.  It’s too bad, really.

In general, I read a lot of really fun stuff.  Most of the #0s from DC were solid books, and I really enjoyed the second issue of Harvest from Image. This week should be a fun week as well, with the Batman #0 and a new issue of The Massive coming out. I can’t wait.


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