Episode 50

Episode 50! Welcome new listeners and thank you to my regulars!

20120821-234513.jpgRorschach #1 Story by Brian Azzarello, Art by Lee Bermejo.
Man. I was not really expecting to like this one. Rorschach is a fan-favorite character and this was a hotly anticipated title, but I was really worried that I wouldn’t like it and I would find myself in the minority. I am relieved to say that I thought this was pretty cool. The art and story worked very well together to create this dysfunctional noir setting for the lead character, and it teases at a CSI style serial killer storyline that I really want to read.

20120823-214103.jpgSaga #6 Story by Brian K Vaughan, art by Fiona Staples.

In the final issue in the first arc of what might be the best series this year we get a fantastic space ship and a fun cliffhanger. I have enjoyed every installment of this series, but this might be my favorite. Now I just have to wait till November for it to pick back up.

20120823-215606.jpgRevival #2 Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

While I think the first issue was a little more powerful, this one is still going strong. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.






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