Episode 40


  1. Michael Berquam’s avatar

    Great show Angela. Welcome back 🙂

  2. Angela’s avatar

    Thanks man! It was so fun to do again.

  3. Eric P. I.’s avatar

    Angela, welcome back! I’m looking forward to more episodes. By the way, you mentioned the new recording equipment but not specifically, which just makes me all the more curious–what is it? (Since I also do a comics related podcast, I’m always interested in what tools other podcasters use.)

  4. Angela’s avatar

    Thank you! Now that it appears the grand experiment was a success I won’t feel like I’m jinxing it. The “recording equipment” is literally now just my iphone (which is the reason for the plosive problems. Proximity is very different then on a regular mic). The new scary thing was the software process. I am using Mobile Podcaster in combination with VR+ and the Blubrry Powerpress plugin for WordPress. I can now talk to my phone, and then have the whole thing live in minutes rather than dinking around with my rss feed editor and my FTP. I have way less control over the audio, but with my current life (toddlers are time consuming) the choice was quick and dirty or radio silence. More info here : http://www.mobilepodcaster.com/ (warning:autoplay video)

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