Episode 39

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Hey!  This week was my birthday!  I am now a little bit older again.  I had a big BBQ at my house on Saturday, which meant that the podcast that I recorded at work on Friday did not get dealt with until now.  Sorry about that.

I read the Bat universe stuff for this episode and was overall pretty darn happy.  I really liked Catwoman, even if that makes me a bad feminist.  I also understand the anger that Starfire is drawing.  I mean really, does her armor need nipples?  REALLY?

Other than that though, I actually enjoyed that comic, sort of in spite of the characters.

I like the new Batman a lot, though it was sort of darker than I was expecting.  There is talk about how this new reboot is more violent in general than the age ratings would have you think.  I sort of have to agree, and though I liked the story and the art, I do feel that it really pushes that T rating

Birds of Prey I’ll have to wait and see on.  I really liked the previous series, but with all these new characters, I’m having trouble caring so far.  Fingers crossed.

Also, not in the Bat-o-verse, but I read the new Wonder Woman.  And dug it.  I really need to read more Brian Azzarello.  This story hooks me instantly, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Ok, bedtime looms.  I am really excited about this coming week’s releases though. One of the titles I have been looking forward to the most, Justice League Dark, is coming as well as All Star Western, Superman, Aquaman, and a bunch of other pretty cool looking stuff.  Talk to you soon

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  1. Michael Pasquale’s avatar

    I was wondering if you could help me… I’m doing a university project on comic books and the the issues with comics, and was begin to explore why it is that comics tend to be something that is associated with boys rather than with girls. I thought I’d ask you for a female perspective, do you think comics are in anyway sexist either in how the characters dress and how they look body-wise, or in the manner that girl heroes don’t seem to get the same attention and effort from writers as the bigger male characters such as Batman and Spider-man?

    any ideas you have would be much appreciated, it may help towards making a comic book designed to get girls interested in comics 🙂 feel free to email me at pasqualester@hotmail.com

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