Episode 38

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So I’m a couple of days late on this update, It was recorded on Fri the 9th.

First of all, my trip to Minnesota was very nice.  Except for the food poisoning.  That meant no RenFest, and no comic shops.  The day that we were going to spend doing that we were actually so sick that all we did was sleep and complain.  And puke.
After that excitement I was glad to get a chance to go in before my shift and read.  I read ALL THE NEW STUFF and I sort of quickly talk through the pile in  this weeks podcast.

My big favorite was Animal Man.  I loved it, and I can’t wait to read more.  I walked into that one knowing that I like the writer and I like the character, so I was ready to dig the book.  It was so much darker and creepier than I was expecting.  Happiness.

I also really liked Batgirl and after I recorded this, I spent some time talking to my co-worker Heather.  I don’t want to speak for her, but she told me that she was really mad.  She loves Oracle: Barbara Gordon the strong, mature woman who kicks butt in spite of her limitations.  She was angry that they took away Barbara’s inner strength and power and made her sort of rough and unsure.  I can totally see that perspective, and I am willing to bet that it is one that a lot of fans share.  I am ok with it though.  I will really miss Oracle.  I love that character so much.  But I’m also excited about how fresh and exhilarated Babs was to fight bad guys in her cape again.  Gail Simone really knows and cares for this character, so I think she’s in good hands.  I will definitely keep reading to see what happens.

All in all I read more stuff that I liked than that I didn’t.  The reboot is working for me.  How about you guys?


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