Episode 35

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Hello! I have a new show for you today!
As I tell you on today’s show, the secret reason that I have been away for so long is that I have had a baby. He’s 3 months old now, and I am just starting to get my feet under me again. I am back at work in a very part-time way, and I am learning to find time to read. From here on out my process will be very different, and you will probably start to see changes here as I learn to streamline the new system.

This week I binge-read a bunch of Flashpoint Comics. I am pleasantly surprised with the stories that I have read so far, and am excited to read more. I am also starting to get sort of pumped about the DC Reboot coming up, even if I have a few fears and reservations. We’ll just have to see what the future brings…

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  1. Peter’s avatar

    Still listening! Glad you’re back and congrats!

    Sound quality was great!

  2. Shahid’s avatar

    NO, her nightwing run is awmosee. People just saying nightwing got raped, and telling people not to see it because of some dumb protest over that is ridiculous. In the context of the story, that is part of something. Her run is better than chuck dixon’s. She took everything he tried to do and crystallized them, meaning she did what he tried and failed to do, and corrected it and it made nightwing the best he’s ever been without taking away of anything that’s happend. So check out the tarantula arc of nightwing’s comic.

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