New look!

First of all, thank you very much to my regular customer who was kind enough to tell me that my comments were busted.  It seems like the only way to fix them was to switch wordpress themes.  Which, I am happy to say, gave me a chance to update my colors a little.  So Yay!  I has a new Website!

Secondly, did you know that yesterday was International Read Comics in Public Day? Did you know that The Comic Book Shop was running a contest?  Did you take a picture of yourself reading comics in public?  If you answered yes, then you still have until Aug 31 to submit your pictures.  The three that we decide we like best (using a completely arbitrary and non-scientific decision making process) will win $20 gift certificates.

Thirdly, you should read Nat and the Beanstalk!  It’s created by our own Matt and Patrick!


  1. Bleach Tune’s avatar

    love the new look and I had no idea about the “read a comic in public day” !

  2. Angela’s avatar

    Dang it! I new I should have done a show ahead of time! Read Comics in Public Day is an annual event though, so you have plenty of time to prepare for next year.

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