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Wow, it’s been a busy month or so in comics news.  I’m been so busy with the spring time home ownership stuff that I’ve been neglecting GDRC again.  The biggest news has been, to me anyway, Gail Simone leaving Wonder Woman.  There was a couple of days where we all held our breath to see who would pick it up. There was speculation that it would be the rumored Grant Morrison Story, but no confirmation.  We mostly just crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t be some misogynist ass-hat.  Finally the announcement came that it would be J. Michael Straczynski.  I am sad to see Gail Simone leave the title, but I am sort of ok with JMS picking it up.  I have liked most of what I have read of his, and he has this way of taking over a title that then gets made into a movie.  So I am hopeful, but in a “withholding judgement” kind of way.

The really happy news is that Gail Simone will be returning to 2 of my favorite titles, Welcome to Tranquility and Birds of Prey.  I am over the moon about Welcome to Tranquility.  I remember picking it up and loving it, only to have my heart broken by Andy telling me that it had been canceled and that  I had just read the entire run of it. Sadness.


I have been buying a lot of stuff lately.  Like a ridiculous amount of stuff.  Happily, it’s all been things that I am very excited about.  I used to read a ton of Archie when I was a kid.  I wanted so badly to grow up to be Betty Cooper, and as I saw it, the only thing standing in my way was that I was a brunette.  I read all the Archie family books too, like Josie and the Pussycats, and Katy Keene.  When I saw Jetta in Preview a couple of months ago, I was so spiffed.  It was an Archie family book that I had never read, and it was about a rocket age teen girl! Holy Crap!  I am loving it so far.  I haven’t had a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but what I have had time for has made me really happy.  There is tons of historical stuff in here, and pages and pages of homage pin-up art by modern artists.  I looove this book.

Not for young readers!!

Not For Young Readers!!

This is going to be an awkward transition.  Um.  I also love this book…Wow.  Ok, so Crossed is like as far away as you can get from Jetta without folding reality somehow.  It’s really good though.  The problem for me is that as a retailer I have trouble recommending a book where a character is named “Horsecock” because he uses one to hit people over the head.  This is a dark, violent book.  That makes it sound too dainty.  This is a vicious, disgusting book that happens to have a really compelling story with interesting characters and a fascinating setting.  And it has a rampaging mob of sort of undead crazy people that stab people and then rape the stab holes.  So yeah.  I actually really like it, but it’s a tough one to sell.

If you are a Spokane dweller, make sure you come visit us on Free Comic Book Day, which falls on May 1st this year. There will be all kinds of awesome going on.  For details visit The Comic Book Shop online.  At 5:30 the Northtown mall will be honored by a visit from the 501st Legion.  Come get a picture with Lord Vader, a Tuskan Raider, or a Scout Trooper.  I am personally very excited.

Also coming up soon is Spokane ComiCon. It will be at SCC this year, and there are going to be a boatload of cool guests.  I’ll be there, and so should you.

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