Episode 23

Happy Saturday!

I have a short show for you today, but I wanted to make sure I got these 2 out while they were in the front of my brains

muppet_vol1The Muppet Show Vol 01 Art and Story by Roger Langridge

I don’t want to hurt my parent’s feelings here, but sometimes it feels like I was raised by Jim Henson.  I’m from the latch-key generation, and I spent an awful lot of time parked in front of a TV with Sesame St, Fraggle Rock, or the Muppet Show on.  I learned a lot about resposibility, friendship and even a little Spanish and Ameslan.  The Muppet Show was wild and weird, from Sweetums to Lew Zealand(the guy that throws fish), and I am so happy that this comic totally captures the fun and mild insanity that comes with an episode.  I have this one in single issues, but I will be buying the trade so that I can have the previously unreleased, additional issue at the back.  It’s only $9.99.  Go buy yourself one.

Abs_DeathAbsolute Death, Neil Gaiman and tons of Various Artists

This is a pretty book.  I mean a pretty book.  It is a sexy slipcover edition of some of my favorite stories, with a few rare things and some ephemera thrown in for good measure.  It looks perfect next to my Absolute Sandmans.  (Sandmen?)  That said, unless you are a nutty Gaiman fan like me, I don’t think this is a must have.  I mean, it’s definitely a must have for me, but for regular people?  I love the stories in here, but most of this can be found in the pages of Sandman, the 2 Death graphic novels and short story collections like Endless Nights.  So while I think people should read this stuff, most could get by with the paperbacks.  To hear me go on about the stories in here, you can listen to Episode 15

Halloween is coming, and we will be giving out FCBD comics at the mall again.  If you are a local, and you want to keep your kids inside where it’s warm and well lit, then come on down.  I might even be in costume, which would be a first in like 6 or 7 years.

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