Episode 21

I have been reading so much in the last month, that I don’t even know where to begin.  This week I will be discussing a couple of Manga titles I read recently, but I have so much in the hopper.  I just need to find time to sit at the mic.

Firstly though, I have to point your attention to the very nice guys at Comic Geek Speak.  After my last podcast where I was complaining about Secret Wars, Peter dropped me a line and let me know that over at their place they are going through it Issue By Issue.  With their help, I might actually make it all the way through it.


Ooku, The Inner Chambers Vol 01 Art and Story by Fumi YoshinagaOokuVol_01

This is a beautifully drawn story of Japan under the Shoguns. The Lady Shoguns.
I had heard really great things about this creator, and about this book specifically,
and I was not disappointed. I was impressed by the gallantry of Mizuno, our brave hero,
and fascinated by the inner workings and politics of the bored and catty men of the Inner
Chambers. This book won me over with the Shogun, a smart and strong woman, who has no
patience for foolishness or unnecessary extravagance. This book won the 2009 Tezuka Cultural
Prize and was nominated for the best writer/artist Eisner as well. Good Stuff.




Tegami Bachi The Letter Bee Vol 01 Art and Story by Hiroyuki AsadaTegamiBachi_01
Ok, this book is sort of love at first sight for me. I know that you are never supposed to judge a book by
it’s cover, but I was just drawn to it as soon as I unpacked it. It’s soo pretty, and I was worried that
If I read it, the story would let me down. I am very happy to say that I had no reason to worry. This
story has grand adventure, magic, heroism, and monsters all set in a dark fantasy/sci-fi world. So cool.

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