Episode 17: Creepy goodness

I have functional equipment, and I have read some really great books.

First up is Bayou by Jeremy Love with colors by Patrick Morgan

This came out a couple of weeks ago, and I totally fell in love with it. Unfortunately, (for me) I sold it before I could finish reading it. This is one I have to have in my personal collection. I just need to get it back in stock so I can buy it. Dark and beautiful, and not really for little kids, this would make a good title for teens and grown-ups. Click the image for Bayou’s Zuda page to read it online.

Next up is Vertigo’s House of Mystery Vol 2

You guys may remember my love for the 1st volume in this series, and my passion continues unabated. This title is so much fun, and so creepy that I read it in one sitting and I can hear it calling to me from the next room for re-reading. I especially love that they are starting to reference Cain and Abel in this new series and the when Abel walks back in to the book, it’s like he has just been hanging out (at the House of Secrets?) and waiting. Sturges and company nail him perfectly, continuing to let this book settle into it’s roots.

I have lots more on my shelf, and right at the top right now are Planetary and Dynamo 5, so expect to hear on those coming up.

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