More than I can chew

As I mentioned last week, it is my intention for my next podcast to be a spotlight on Neil Gaiman. Since I own an awful lot of his work and love almost all of it, I thought it would be an easy one to knock out, no problem. Well, now as I sit and try to assemble all of this stuff coherently and do it justice, I see how big an undertaking it really is.

In order to do it right, I’m going to give myself another week. Just to give you an idea of what I am dealing with, I went to pull out all my books that he worked on, either as a writer or editor. The stack comes up past my knee without adding in my absolutes or any of the Marvel stuff. Wow.

So next week, there will be podcasty goodness.

If you want to read or listen to me go on about how much I love Neil Gaiman’s work you can check out:
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Also, in a personal note:

My husband and I get to go to a home inspection on Monday. If all goes well, GDRC Headquarters will get to move soon to a new space where I don’t have to turn off the refrigerator to do a recording. So think happy thoughts for me and my Mr. There will be more news on this front as we get closer.


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  1. Skwerel’s avatar

    Thinking happy thoughts…

    and itching for another GDRC fix 😀 Just so you know, expectations will be very high for a most spectacular episode

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