Episode 13


I’m surprised I could even find this place, it’s been so long. It’s good to be back though. Retail holiday crap is over with now, and I can get back to the very serious and important business of reading comics and then talking about them.

A lot of really fun stuff has come out since last time, and I had a tough time choosing my books this week. Too many cool things to read isn’t so bad a problem to have though. For example, right after I went on break, Fables Vol 11 came out, and it was so good that I sat in the pub and cried while I read it. In public and everything.

I am such a nerd.

Secret Invasion
New Release

Secret Invasion Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils by Leinil Francis Yu

This book is kind of a big deal in the Marvel Universe right now. Not only is it central to the direction of the whole Universe, but it’s an experiment to see if people will pay $29.99 for an 8 issue trade paperback. If the sales of the singles were any indication, then Marvel should be able to move forward with their secret plan to force subscribers to pay in limbs, children and precious bodily fluids. It’s a fun read though.

Doom Patrol


Doom Patrol Vol 01 Written by Grant Morrison, Art by Richard Case, Doug Braithwaite, various

I honestly believe that Grant Morrison is at least a little bit insane. After I read this, I did actually have a nightmare about the scissormen. Blegh. Interesting though, and I feel like I need to see where it goes.

The Nightly News

The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman

While I really liked the dark, sort of psychological story it was telling, I got a little bogged down in the fine print fonts. There were a lot of little info boxes in teenie-tiny type, and I felt like if I didn’t read them all, I would be missing important content. So, this book gave me a headache from squinting, but it was worth it.

Phantom Dream


Phantom Dream Vol 01 Natsuki Takaya

This is a relatively new release that’s actually an older series. This was Natsuki Takaya’s first published manga, before she did Fruits Basket. To me it feels like an artist’s early work, in that the story is kind of rough and when you compare this with the art in Fruits Basket, you can see how far she’s come. It took me a couple of chapters to get into this story, but once it sort if got itself together, it was fun.

Thanks again, and if you have requests, suggestions or comments, just let me know.

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    yay, ur back, now i can spend my nights laying awake wondering what is gonna get reviewed next…

    seriously though, good to have ya back.

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