Winter Break

Ok everybody. I hate to do this, but with everything getting busier for the holidays, I am going to be taking a break until after Christmas. I need to have more of a separation of work and not-work during the busy season, or I go insane and start having to fight the urge to stab random people with an icepick. And I don’t even own an icepick, so it would have to be a special trip to the store just for a stabbing. That would be silly. So I will probably pop in here and there as I am reading things to say “Hey! This is cool!”, but probably no actual audio till the rampaging hordes of mall shoppers go back into hibernation.

By the way, go read Freak Angels online. And then go to your local comic book shop (or mine, no icepick, I promise) and buy the trade.

If you don’t love it, I’ll be very surprised.



  1. MrsStevens’s avatar

    Hey there Angela! It's Antonya of Antonya & Zeke. I finally got around to subscribing to your awesome site (and it is an awesome site).

    This FreakAngels comic is very interesting, thanks for directing us to it. It's too late for me to read farther than I have (which is to the end of Episode 2), but it has made it's way to one of those comics I read frequently, and may end up purchasing.

    Zeke and I haven't been in the shop much lately, but we'll hopefully be in within the next couple weeks. Until then, take care.

  2. Jesse Acosta’s avatar

    Be safe in the crazy snowy weather we are having!

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