Episode 11

Happy Halloween and stuff

This has been kind of a cool and hectic week at The Comic Book Shop. We (mostly Craig and Pat) worked really hard getting our new store open out at Spokane Valley. I did what I could to help from my side, and I can’t wait to see it up and running. I just need to take the long slog out to that side of town.

We also had Halloween at the mall, which means tons of Trick-or-Treaters. We handed out comics left over from Free Comic Book Day, and everyone seemed really happy. I got to see some incredibly cute costumes. There was a teeny tiny little girl dressed as Wonder-Woman, lots and lots of Iron Mans (Iron Men?), Hulks and Spideys. There was even one little guy dressed as a Pre-Crisis Superman with a lion’s head (which wikipedia tells me was in Action #243). I have to say though, I think my fav for the night were the 2 nice ladies dressed as Jay and Silent Bob that came and hung out in front of the store. That was awesome.

In other news, Fallout 3 came out. Guess what I have been doing for the last several days? I did take the time to read a couple of books though, and I really liked them.

Green Lantern IBD
New Release

Green Lantern In Brightest Day Written by John Broome, Alan Moore, Ron Marz and others; Art by Gil Kane, Dave Gibbons and others; Cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

This was really fun. The more I read Green Lantern, the more I like the whole family. This book collects a handful of stories starting with Green Lantern #7 in 1961 and covering all the Earth Lanterns up to Kyle Raynor in 1994. I had no idea that Hal Jordan had a side kick named Pie Face, or that originally Guy Gardner didn’t have that awful haircut. This is a book I would definitely recommend to someone new to comics. It is a great “way in” to the Lantern side of the DC Universe.

DMZ Vol 01


DMZ Vol 01 Written by Brian Wood; Art by Wood and Riccardo Burchielli; Cover by Wood

Holy Crap. How did I not read this months ago? This is the story of Matt Roth, a photo tech intern at a major news outlet that gets dropped into a demilitarized zone under heavy fire. Everyone else on his crew gets killed and he gets stranded in the middle of an urban firefight all alone. In Manhattan. It’s a little “Escape from New York” and a little “Max Headroom” and a whole lot awesome.

Alright. I’m going to eat some supper and then head back into the radscorpion and raider infested wastelands.

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