Episode 09


2 Podcast weeks in a row, here we are, back on schedule! There were even 3 birthdays last week to celebrate, including my own, and I started crocheting a very special baby hat for a friend of mine. I don’t want to link just yet, and maybe spoil the surprise, but if I manage to get it to come out half as cool as the person who made the pattern, it will be incredibly nerdy/cool.

On to the comics!

New Release

Wolverine First Class Written by Fred Van Lente, Pencils and Inks by Andrea Di Vito

Mr Van Lente said in an interview with Comics Should Be Good that regarding Kitty Pride “I wanted a hook to get female readers interested in the series.” It worked. I’m interested. I’d just like to see her be a more rounded character. Right now she seems pretty shallow, even for a 13 year old girl. The art is very pretty though. Oh, and I should post this correction: In the podcast, I mention that the colorist for this book deserves his/her own bow. Then I mention Glynnis Wein, who did the color on the Wolverine first appearance at the back of the book. The colorists for the new stuff are credited as the following: Laura Villari, Guru eFX, Chris Sotomayor, Wilfredo Quintana, & Val Staples. So bow, the lot of you. You did good work.

Essential Doc Strange


Essential Doctor Strange Written by Stan Lee, Pencils Steve Ditko

This is my first foray into the Essential books, and so far, I am having a good time. The lack of color is a little distracting, but you get used to it, and the crazy 60’s stories are like groovy and far out, man. I’m only about half way through this monster sized book, but I am really liking it a lot.


Scud The Disposable Assassin The Whole Shebang – Rob Schrab

Another one from Andy, my trail guide in the comics wilderness. This is so awesome in so many ways, but at 800 pages, I have no idea where to begin explaining it. If you are a fan of the absurd and violent, this book is totally worth it’s cover price and you should just go out and buy it.

Phoenic Wright

Del Rey

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Art by about 50 different people, credited as Capcom.

Wow. I wish I had played the game, then I might have had some idea what was going on. I was under the mistaken impression that you hadto yell at your DS in order to progress, and I did not want to be the crazy lady on the bus. I did enjoy this, but I would have gotten much more out of it if I knew what was going on. But that the elderly lady client’s name was Ms. Oldbag absolutely cracked me up and had me showing the book to random people that came into the store.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me again this week. Wish me lots of luck, me and Grammar Cowboy signed an offer on a house on friday. It would be awful nice to have a whole room to do this recording stuff in.

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  1. Jesse Acosta’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! Also, I've been wanting to pick up Scud, but the price tag keeps me at bay.

    I have some suggestions that you may like. Since I was never a big DC fan growing up, I decided to pick up Batgirl Year 1, Robin Year 1, and Nightwing Year 1 to get a more complete view of Batman's history. I was really hooked by these books, and now I am even more interested in all three of these characters.

    Another series I've been reading is the new Blue Beetle. There are three trades out now, and a new one coming this Wednesday. I started reading because I found out he was a Latino character, and that's virtually nonexistent in comics. The character is fun, and even reminds me slightly of Greatest American Hero since he doesn't exactly know all the capabilities of his armor.
    These might be something worth checking out if you're bored at work!

  2. Angela’s avatar


    I actually read the 2nd volume of Blue Beetle when it came out forever ago. It was one of the first things I read when I started working at the shop and I really liked it then, even though I had no clue what was going on. I'll see if I can get caught up before wed. If so, I think it would make a great new release for next weeks podcast. Unless something else even awesomer comes out. hmmmm….

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