We have landed in Minneapolis, and we are at our hotel in Minnetonka. This is so wierd. My husband lived here his whole life before we moved out to Washington, and I lived here for 7 years. A lot has changed since we moved away. The little town by the lake where he grew up is almost unrecognizable. It’s nice to see some of the changes, like where they finally pulled down the abandoned gas station and built something modern. It’s not so nice to see the pumpkin farm by my folk’s old place in the exurbs replaced with giant, tacky McMansions.

Tomorrow we will do some very nerdy things, and if there are any good stories I’ll let you know.

As for the world of comics, there will be no podcast this week. I really tried to make it happen, but forces were aligned against me. Well, forces and a puking cat. I did actually manage to do a fair bit of reading though so if I have time I will do some written reviews. or I might just wait until next week and try to shoehorn all the cool stuff I have read into 1 show. We’ll just have to see.



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