Greetings PX!ers

Hey, folks from PX!

The following is a shameless plug:

For those who don’t know, my husband and our friend Manny do a webcomic called PX! which is short for Panda Xpress, and does contain a panda. An atomic powered panda, even. I have been putting off mentioning it because I didn’t want it to be weird, like I was showing favoritism or something. Since he linked to me though, it’s only fair if I link back, right?

My boys’ book was Eisner nominated in 2, count ’em 2 categories at Comic-con this year, and though they didn’t win, they did lose to Joss Whedon. Which is kind of like winning, anyway. Joss Whedon is cool.

So if you have time, and if you want to know why I have a comic-crush on someone named “Wikkity,” you should go check out the pinkness that is PX!


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Greetings. I too found this delicious commentary on the state of comics and their stateliness by passageway (secret passageway) from the PX! portal. Oh, what a delightful portal it is. Did i mention I came here from PX!
    What the deuce? I am an innocent monkey, flitting to and fro. Delivering not art but merriment. Forsooth. What??


  2. Painkiller Jane’s avatar

    awww! sweet ill have to check this out next… so far from what i see i totally dig your blog…im glad i ran in to you today… wish me luck tomorrow… im sure ill see you around.

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