I’m Old

When a 8-10 year old kid comes wearing a Beavis & Butthead shirt, that means their parents used to watch it when they were kids. Weird.


  1. underdog05’s avatar

    not true! I totaly watched it (some) when it was on… I was more into Daria though… But i am also 21 (in a month) does that mean im old too?

  2. Angela’s avatar

    Hmm.. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought. They used to show it on Liquid Television on MTV back in like 1992 or something, so I was like 14 or 15. Ok. Feeling less ancient now. Thank you!

  3. Colin’s avatar

    …or had no social life as a kid and watched MTV alot? Just because a person is young doesn't mean they can't personally remember the GOOD days of MTV
    I remember watching B&B, Aeon Flux, Undressed, the Maxx adaptation, aaand I'm still slightly obsessed with Daria. Oh and… Loveline scarred me in terms of wanting to have sex later on, lol

    Also, I'm not even 21 yet! YES, a young kid watched old MTV.


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