Wow, I feel all official now that I’m in the newsletter. I am going to turn the comments moderation off, just in case anyone wants to say hi while I am at work, and can’t moderate. I really have no idea what to expect, so I just ask ya’ll to play nice.


  1. Lethifold_Imp’s avatar

    So I went and made an account on here, just so I could comment on your spiffy new page. Good luck on this! I'll follow you every step!

    (pssst. It's Sami from the comic shop.)

  2. Matt Watson’s avatar

    Good luck on the bloggy goodness. I'll check it out often, and look forward to it.


  3. swiss’s avatar

    It is true. Girls read comics and they play video games. A rare breed.

    Good luck on the 'cast.

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