Some brisk and gorgeous Sci Fi for you this time


East Of West


This one is a definite and unequivocal keeper for me.  Dark future? Yes.  Magical Child? Yes.  The Horseman of Death as a sexy cowboy? Double Yes.

Jonathan Hickman is known for his Marvel work, especially his Fantastic Four.  He also wrote the awesomely weird Manhattan Projects.  The team on this (Co-creator and Pencils: Nick Dragotta and Colors by Frank Martin) has done stellar work creating a rich and deep world populated by beautiful and deadly villains. When the closest we have to a “Good Guy” is Death, you know you are in for a story.

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Sorry for the long absence again. First was a sea of technical nonsense. Then as soon as everything was working together nicely, Fallout 4 came out. I’m sure you understand.

This episode was a bittersweet farewell.



I was a subscriber on Detective when this character got her start.  I fell immediately in love.  You can find my original review of that run here.  As time has gone on this title has been through a number changes, both in story style and in production team.  I liked a lot of it, but by the time it was all done, I was sort of relieved.  Maybe in a few years she’ll get a gritty reboot and I can give her another shot, but for now, I am happy to have this title cleared from my pile.

Happy Holidays folks.  May Santa fill your stocking with nerdy nonsense.

This episode I get to read one of my current favorites.



Story: Jay Faerber

Art: Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley



 I am so excited that I finally got to sit down and catch up on this one. The basic premise of “Lady Sherrif of Wild Space Outpost” sold me instantly.  

For me this scratches my Firefly itch very nicely.  Space western with awesome female character, tropey bad guys and some great chase scenes?  Yessss. 

Sherrif Bronson is written as a tough lady with a lot of heart and a mysterious past. She and her son come to Copperhead to replace the old Sherrif in a mining town full of crime and corruption. The story here flows nicely as she has to deal with being the new law-woman in a small, distrustful community. Oh, and her deputy is an overgrown capybara who feels slighted for being passed over for the job. 

I love the art here.  The color palette is perfectly chosen for the desolate wastes of a backwater colony.  I also love how much relatable facial expression they are able to render on the different alien characters. The blobby, one-eyed, green hill-billies are personal favorites from a character design standpoint. They are very alien, and very relatable. 

So all in all, I would certainly recommend this title for fans of sci-fi, but it’s really just a fun book all around. This definitely survives the cull.  I am excited to keep reading. 


Somehow I uploaded a broken version of Episode 2.  This should fix it.


Sorry, Ya’ll


This episode I read a pretty great cyberpunk soap opera.  I am also experimenting with a new recording set-up (you’re excited, aren’t you?)



Alex + Ada

Jonathan Luna , Sarah Vaughn


I really enjoyed this series for several reasons:


Mainly, I love that it has androids searching for meaning. This has been a favorite idea for me since reading The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov. I think there is something really accessible about the clean-slate innocence of a sentient robot trying to make sense of the all the nonsense perpetrated by ambling meat bags.

I also love that the sci-fi story is basically nested comfortably into a full on telenovela with jealous exes and hidden secrets.  Humans are complicated and duplicitous and I think showing this makes the Androids more sympathetic.

And I love the art.  I have an abiding respect for art that is clean and easy to read, especially in stories with lots of relationship drama.  Different art styles serve well in different kind of stories, and getting a good fit can make a huge difference in how I absorb a book.  Jonathan Luna’s work on this title really succeeds for me.


While I was reading for this show I was at Ruins here in Spokane.  It is a lovely little bar/restaurant in which I hope to spend more time.  If you are looking for a well made cocktail, I feel very confident sending you into their care.



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